Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Fiction Review: Grim by M.K. Eidem

Prejudice is simply human nature. That dark part of us that comes out in culture, actions and speech. Grim by M.K. Eidem deals with this even though most of her characters are aliens. Grim is the King of Luda of the Torian Empire. A culture of warriors who only allow those deemed worthy to marry and have children. Because Grim was scarred in battle he is deemed unworthy.

As with many Sci-Fi romances, the birth rate of females is low in the empire. In this case it has lead to women becoming selfish witches spelled with a b. The men focus on gaining wealth and status to attract a female to whom they give whatever money can buy to the woman who chooses him. She can leave him at any time for a different man, taking all her stuff with her. Needless to say the men view an 'unprotected' female as free for the taking. Lisa is just such a female.

The alien's have come to Earth to find women and see Lisa at the grave of her husband. They steal her away. She comes up fighting. Her children have been left on Earth. She throws a holy and justified fit as the men watch. Only one man is willing to return to retrieve her children, Grim. By doing so he agrees to take her as a mate even though it is against the law. Lisa agrees to marry him and they go back for her children. No one at that point but Lisa knows they are much coveted girls. Suddenly Grim the unworthy who would never have a wife or family has both. Two daughters.

The fun really starts now. Lisa and her girls move into the palace and proceeds to reject every cultural limitation and stigma. She sees the problems the cultural attitudes are creating for the society and goes about doing what she can to effect change in her small part of it.

Change is difficult. Lisa gains both allies and enemies. Grim is called before the council in an effort to force him to relinquish Lisa and the girls.

I found the novel well written and didn't want it to end. Ms Eidem develops her characters well and the reactions to Lisa, as well as her daughters, by the men of the palace are so realistic. Her word building is very good with a fully developed culture and back story woven in with skill.

There is a second book, a novella, A Grim Holiday, which has Lisa and the girls introducing Christmas to the alien world she now lives on. It is an equally fun read. Pick them up for Kindle on Amazon and other formats on Smashwords. I give them both 5 stars.


Sophie Dawson is an award winning author of Christian Historical Fiction. She has two series consisting of six books and will be releasing a stand alone novel Seeing The Life in June 2014. You can find them on Amazon, Smashwords and other online bookstores. Sophie's Website
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