Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Inspiration for the Senses

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My daughter recently held one of those home parties for flame-less burners and scented candle wax. I got my usual headache sniffing all the samples, but couldn't believe it when I ran across one that said "Tomato Vine". The fragrance put me right smack in the middle of a garden, among the tomato plants. Talk about inspiration! I promptly sniffed through even more samples to see what might relate and inspire me in my current WIP. I bought a few in a car fragrance card format and put them in baggies. I'll whip out my scents when I need some inspiration.

This reminded me that one of our local critique group members collects paint chip cards to help her with color descriptions.
Google Free Images
 The color names alone are romantic and inspiring. You might not actually use Asian Pear green, or Silver Spoon gray, but it might inspire you to a more in depth description. 

What are some helps that you use to flesh out your scenes with the five senses?

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