Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spotlight on Small Publishers: Pelican Book Group

 Nicola Martinez is the Editor-in-Chief of Pelican Book Group, a Christian publishing house out of New Mexico with the imprints White Rose, Harbourlight, and Watershed. This company specializes in Romance and Women's Fiction and, with their new line Pure Amore, are dipping their toes in New Adult romance.

Here's a little about her and her company:

1. Why did you choose to open your own publishing company?

When Christians say, “it’s a God thing” it tends to sound so pat or trite, but in this instance, as in so many, that’s the best answer. Many years before acquiring White Rose Publishing, I did a lot of graphic design and printing work and freelance writing and editing—published a magazine for a while and several small newsletters. Years later, I was offered an editor position with a, then, brand new company. Over time became a senior editor, learned a lot about the publishing world, and after a while, God said it was time to move on from that position. Once that decision was made, I was shocked—and frankly, a little terrified—because the opportunity to purchase White Rose Publishing was put in front of me. It was an unexpected opportunity and confirmation to a lot of things in my life to that point. But to sum it up, why I chose to start my own publishing company:  “It was a God thing.”

2. How do you see your role in the current industry?--competing? providing a service? filling a neglected niche?

My role in the current industry, in my mind and heart, has nothing to do with any of the examples you present. My role in the industry, and in life, is simply to do what God wants me to do. Right now, that’s operating Pelican Book Group. In a way, that could mean any of the things you mentioned. I believe we are competitive in the industry. We produce a quality product that can stand side-by-side to any quality product from any other publisher. We provide a service to our readers—and authors, for that matter—in delivering an awesome read, in behaving with integrity, by including a solid Christian principle in each title. And we fill a niche. But all those things are a by-product or vehicle of what the role, the purpose, of Pelican really is, which is to present the gospel in a way that entertains and edifies readers and introduces them to Jesus, perhaps in a way they’ve never experienced before, and we do that for no other reason than that’s what God’s leading us to do right now.

 3. What does your publishing house have to offer the author?

Short answer: A home. I want to build professional relationships with authors, to build up the author and to publish multiple titles from each, and to help the author deliver the message he or she desires to deliver to the reader. I hope we provide an environment that nurtures mutual respect and consideration, open communication and also a faith-filled one where authors feel comfortable in their Christianity. In so many workplaces today, Christians are suppressed from even mentioning God. And that’s just tragic. Seems like for any Christian company, that should be a given, but truth is, it isn’t, so I hope we can offer at least that.

4. What genre/style are you most interested in? What are you looking for?

If it’s a Christian sub-genre, we’re open to it. Since our YA line, Watershed, is new, that’s a place we have wide
open; and I’d like to see more multi-cultural titles, speculative, and historical and gothic romances because those are the categories in which we have fewer titles. That said, we always want to see it all. We’re always open to a good story. And that’s what we’re looking for: A good story.

 5. How does an author submit to you? (And when?)

We take submissions through the web site submission form. Guidelines are there, also. We are always open to submissions. (
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