Monday, April 21, 2014

Spotlight on Small Publishers: Port Yonder Press

Port Yonder Press isn't new to the business. Chila Woychik, owner and Editor-in-Chief, has produced several award winning novels. She has eclectic tastes, but always wants and expects excellence.

Here's what she has to say:

1. Why did you choose to open your own publishing company?

In a nutshell, our son had grown up and left home for college, I loved reading, writing, and editing, and someone told me about the world of small press publishing - I was hooked!

2. How do you see your role in the current industry?--competing? providing a service? filling a neglected niche?

I feel we do all 3 at PYP:  

- we compete with other small presses, especially in the editing department and producing quality books

- we provide books for discriminating readers who want something more

- and we're tackling one of the hardest niches in the business: that between overt Christian and hardcore mainstream - I call it "crossover"

3. What does your publishing house have to offer the author?

Small presses are a hard sell, no question about that, but if, in the end, we publish a book the author can be proud of for the rest of his or her life, we've met our goal. 

4. What genre/style are you most interested in? What are you looking for?

Our tastes are quite diverse, and we love many genres; they're listed on our website. A few favorites are strange genre mashups (a mix of several genres), slipstream, spy/mystery/suspense, urban fantasy and soft science fiction. 

5. How does an author submit to you? (And when?)

February only! Short query via email and first three chapters included in text of query (no attachments). If an author doesn't hear from us within 30 days, we hope they try again next year.  

We're a bit unique, and it would do authors well to get a feel for who we are before they submit.
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