Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Book Review - Moon Over Maalaea Bay by H. L. Wegley

Who needs Steve McGarrett and Danno when you can immerse yourself in Jennifer Akihara and Lee Brandt? Hawaii 5-0 has nothing on this fast-paced and exciting story.  I was so invested in the action from the get-go that I didn't even realize, until I stopped to take a breath, that I loved the characters as well.
Moon over Maalaea Bay by H.L. Wegley  Moon Over Maalaea Bay, the third installment in a series called Pure Genius, stands quite well on its own.  Barely nine hours into their marriage, and before the honeymoon even begins, Jennifer is kidnapped by an international trafficking group. She'd thwarted their operation earlier and they are bent on revenge. Add in Lee's struggle to find her, the FBI, the Maui Police Department, ruthless criminals and a stunning Hawaiian backdrop. This intense thriller, with a touch of romance, tugged at my heartstrings and rose my blood pressure. 
 Highly Recommended.
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