Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Book(s) Review: Project Enterprise Series by Puline Baird Jones

Who will like these books?
"Readers who like their science fiction made up.
Readers who like science fiction, space opera and some romance thrown in because love is cool.
Readers who like quirky and are willing to give quirky steampunk a chance.
Readers who like action and adventure.
Readers who like time travel.
Readers who like to laugh.
Readers who don’t mind risking their head exploding because of too much made up science fiction."

This above is quoted from the description of Steamrolled, book four in the series. It's fitting and very accurate for the series. Ms Jones is a talented writer who creates a convoluted galaxy made more so by Time and the Time Council who tries to police Time. There are bag guys who want to twist Time to suit their own desires. There are people (aliens) who want to rule their galaxy. People with unusual talents and abilities, steampunk machines, nanites who used to be people but are now teeny tiny computers who are hosted by people and help them deal with life and the trials that come up in the books.

'Time's a bitch.' 'The impossible only takes longer.' A transmogrification machine. Numerous idioms used which confuse the listener since they are not from Earth. The books are funny, fun, compelling you to keep reading. They include stream of consciousness writing which is not a usual point of view and can jump heads fairly often. The inner dialog between the character and it's nanite really demonstrates the cooperation of two individuals needing to work together. Often they need to rely on the other to get them out of situation.

If you want your science authentic. Don't bother with these books. Ms Jones makes up lots of incredible devices and the idea of a manipulating Time with the Time Base and Time patrol is fair out enough to made purests cringe.

The books really need to be read in order as they follow chronological order, although with Time all out of whack that seems an oxymoron. Three of the books are super novel length. Tangled In Time is a novella and priced accordingly.

Sophie Dawson is an author of Christian Fiction. Her latest release is Seeing The Life.
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