Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Book Review: The Projection Room: Two from the Cubist Mist by Carol Golembiewski

Master story-teller Carol Golembiewski hooked me from the opening World War One battlefield scene. She weaves a thriller making excellent use of her subject matter expertise in the field of art. She beautifully visualized scenes. This is a rare skill. Her use of blending art and technology had this geek intrigued.

Meet struggling artist George Bosque. He has a brush with death while attacking the German soldiers during World War One. During his charge toward the enemy lines, he sees two men collecting the souls of those killed in action. Obsessed by what he saw, Bosque draws them in his sketchbook. In late life, he does two large paintings, one of each of them.

His widow sold both paintings many years later. The purchaser is a Milwaukee museum. The museum has in the testing phase a new technology projecting images and allowing patrons to experience art in 3-D. They see great potential. However, a mutinous employee and his friend experiment on the two paintings with the technology. The results are horrific.

The men recognize that artist George Bosque incarcerated something from the other side of the grave. Dreadful consequences await everybody who cross the threshold into the Projection Room.

In this spellbinding account, two paintings out of sight from humankind for years let loose their powers onto an unwary museum and community absolutely not ready for what lies ahead for them.

The Kindle version of "The Projection Room: Two from the Cubist Mist" by Carol Golembiewski was purchased, read and reviewed by Jimmie A. Kepler.
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