Friday, August 22, 2014

Book Review: What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes, and How Can I Be One, Too? by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

If you are an established writer with several products published as an “Indie Author” or are a “Want–to-be Indie Author," you need this book.

Houston Writer’s Guild President Pamela Fagan Hutchins tackles what is for many people a very overwhelming subject. She makes sure you understand the process by breaking it down step-by-step and then sharing tried and true how-tos. She does this with a tongue-in-cheek writing style that reminded me of Erma Bombeck. An example is she refers to the book as "Loser."

Reading the book was like sitting at a table at my local Starbuck’s with a friend who is there for me laying it all out, telling me how she self-published a best seller. What gives the book creditability is Hutchins is a great self-publishing success story. This book tells you how she achieved her enviable success.

I  loved her “cut to the chase” approach. She says if you think it is as simple as if you write it they will come (buy it), you are wrong. She points out Indie Publishing does not reduce the writing and editing time, but it can reduce the time to publish once you have completed the writing and editing. It also gives you greater control. She also asked a great question. Who is your target audience?

Hutchins provides numerous resources, including the marketing plan that got her debut novel national distribution.

The last third of the book deals with marketing. Don’t read this part first! She points out people who have sales that are limited to friends and family are the ones who skip the first two chapters of her book.

I loved her positive, can-do voice. This will become the definitive reference book or maybe even “The Bible” for Indie Authors.

While the print version is 280 pages, I bought and read the e-book.  I found it witty, practical, and an essential for the Indie Writer or Indie curious.

The e-book only cost me $2.99 ($3.25 with tax). That is barely over a penny a page. What an inexpensive investment for a resource that will get you on track, save you time and money as well as  give you ideas to increase your sales.

What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes, and How Can I Be One, Too? by Pamela Fagan Hutchins is the USA Best Book Award winner in Business: Writing/Publishing.
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