Friday, September 5, 2014

The Glass Kitchen: A Novel of Sisters

This book was one that impressed me, and then disappointed me. First, the good. It started off so unique and original I would recommend reading it just to grasp the concept of the book. It’s about a person who has a sixth sense that comes out by cooking. She gets an urge to cook a particular meal and doesn’t know why. So she does, and then invites people over and they have the conversations they’re meant to have when they attend this dinner.

This concept was cool and could have made a very good start. But then at some point this storyline was dropped in favor of a run of the mill love story combined with women’s fiction. The main character and her sisters try and open a kitchen restaurant, but the physic cooking thing doesn’t really play into this endeavor very much. There’s a lot of focus on the house they live in (it used to be their aunts but is now owned by the handsome love interest who also lives there) and on the romance, which consists of nightly visits and romps in the sack.

If this sounds a little disjointed and confusing, it is. I was more disappointed by the way this book went simply because of the potential in the early pages. There was good writing here, but it didn’t come together for a cohesive story. 
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