Friday, November 14, 2014

Review: Chapel Springs Revival

Get your giggle-box oiled up and ready to rumble, 'cause Chapel Springs Revival is going to put it to good use. Patsy Kowalski and Claire Bennett are well on their way into the "unforgettable character" category for folks who love humorous women's fiction.

Take two artsy women, give them two neglectful spouses, and watch the antics unfold. Add to the mix a cleavage-showin' hussy who's unhappy with her husband and looking for a new one--anyone's husband will do--and you have a story that's uproariously funny.

Beneath the humor is a story all women of a certain age can appreciate, one that shares the insecurities of being involved in a marriage that has become too comfortable. Stagnant, maybe? Has he lost interest? How to rekindle the fire?

Many marriages of length go through this season. Many women suffer through the doubts. We look in our mirrors and see someone who wasn't there twenty years ago. We worry that his silence, his absences, his distraction are all because of our spreading hips, wrinkling skin, and graying hair. How many times are we worrying over nothing?

Ane's novel explores that question with humor and finesse. Definitely a winner.

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