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Book Review: Write. Publish. Repeat. By Johnny B. Truant & Sean Platt

Write. Publish. Repeat. 

It seems like an overly simple concept for the publishing landscape. There's more to publishing than that, right? Well, when you get right down to the bare bones of the matter, authors and podcasters Johnny B. Truant & Sean Platt say, no, that's what you need to become a successful self-publisher.

In Write. Publish. Repeat., Johnny & Sean walk you through how they collaborate on their numerous books, their editing processes, how to market, and how to learn to be on the cutting edge of the publishing industry so you can adapt quickly when changes are made. As they say in the book, at least 90% of what they discuss are about strategies--which never change--and 10% on tactics, which can change with the wind.

To be a successful self-publisher, you must be a businessperson as much as -- or maybe more than -- an artist.
Mostly, this book is about being as good a businessman or woman as you are a writer--and learning what works for you. Yes, they talk about what has worked for them, but they warn that what works for them may not work for you.

  Things I love about this book

I've listened to Johnny & Sean's podcast, the Self-Publishing Podcast, for about eighteen months now, and picking up this book was a bit disconcerting because I could hear Johnny particularly in my head as I was reading it. Of course, if you pick up a copy of the audio version, it's read by Simon Whistler, who has a lovely British voice, and is the host of his own self-publishing podcast.

The first 10%ish of the book really gives you a good idea of who this book is for, so if you're not sure, read through the sample on Amazon or your favored book seller. They're very specific about the type of person who would find this book helpful, and I don't think they're wrong. When I read this for the first time shortly after it came out in 2013, it pretty much had me pegged--a writer who had just published her first short story on Amazon KDP Select and was looking to expand as quickly as I was able.

The authors lay out the book very carefully, including a glossary at the front of the book (yeah, the front!) on terms they use that you as the reader need to know. Some are things you've probably heard, but if you don't listen to their podcast, it's possible there's a few things that would be unfamiliar since they have coined some of their own terms. Part Two deals with understanding the self-publishing landscape, Part Three talks about preparing your books, Part Four discusses marketing, and Part Five helps you to learn to think on the cutting edge so you can stay ahead of the wave. At the end, their Self-Publishing Podcast co-host David W. Wright has a series of interviews with several successful independent authors, including Hugh Howey and CJ Lyons.


This book will not be for everyone. As they say themselves, the book is presented in a manner that is like sitting down with your buddy at a bar to discuss publishing over a beer. They tend to present things is a very straight-forward manner, and there is occasional swearing. If you can get past that, the information within the covers is valuable enough to overlook the manner in which it's presented.

If you're looking for a writing how-to book, this may not be the book for you. While there is some of that, especially in Part Three, they quickly state that there are far better books on mechanics than Write. Publish. Repeat. But if you want to get some encouragement if you're considering self-publishing or have just started self-publishing and want to figure out strategies to take things to the next level, this is an invaluable guide.

Write. Publish. Repeat. can be purchased on Amazon and other booksellers. The e-book is $5.99, the paperback $15.99, and the audio book is $1.99 through Audible.


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