Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Candy Crush Writing Life

A Candy Crush Writing Life
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I had to delete if from all my devices. Candy Crush is an addicting game, and besides, I’m stuck on Level 161. I refuse to buy any boosts (although I have done it in the past). If I was going to get any work done, it had to go. Okay, I retrieved it from the cloud over the holidays. Don’t get me started on Trivia Crack. It has to go, too.
     This article isn’t about the evils of distractions in the writing life, although computer games probably rank right up there on the list of procrastinations. Actually I played Candy Crush so much over the frozen West Texas New Year that I woke up thinking about those little colored balls. My half asleep, half awake state of mind formed an idea, as it often does in the early morning.
Combine three alike and you crush. Crush all required combinations and you advance to the next level. Somewhere in my mind the idea that writing, editing, and submitting are a combination that crushes publication obstacles. We can’t submit something that hasn’t been written, right? Consistent, daily stretching of the writing muscle, combined with editing, self or otherwise, and then submitting will eventually advance us to the next level. Thinking about it won’t. Learning from that process (rejections, rewrites) reminds me of how in the more “mature” levels of Candy Crush, I always fail on the first few tries of a new level. Trying again and again usually garners advancement.
     Ah, how I love those special characters. Combine four or five of the same color and you get a super boost that accomplishes the ultimate Candy Crush experience. Isn’t it true that if we add prayer, faith, and trust to our hard work and consistency then we have something really special? A no fail combination, because what we put into the Lord’s hands will accomplish His goals for us, even if we don’t see it. 
     I realize as I watch the ice slip off the tree out my kitchen window, that 2014 was a bit frozen for me in my writing career. My work after that initial debut novel has not found its place in publication yet. It encourages me to know that putting the whole thing in the hands of my Father for 2015 means that none of it is wasted. I will just keep combining prayer, faith, and trust, with consistent writing, editing and submitting. I know the obstacles will fall. 
     God bless all our readers, and Happy New Year!
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