Friday, January 2, 2015

Review: Son of Truth

Morgan L. Busse has a great series going: Follower of the Word. I didn't catch it from the beginning, but if time allows, I may go back and read this series from the first.
But not reading the first book didn't take away from the experience of reading the second. Morgan did a good job of hinting at the backstory without rehashing it and provided just enough information to help me understand what was going on in the new story.
As the Shadonae invade the post-war city of Thyra, healer and truthsayer Rowen Mayer becomes enslaved to the immoral pirate, Drake, and forced to heal for money. Drake sells Nierne, a monastery librarian, to an influential rich woman who intends to use the lovely redhead to "entertain" her male guests. Captain Lore gives up his position in the White City regimen to search for Rowen, and Caleb Tala, the once-assassin, now-truthsayer strives to save Nierne.
The story is action-packed and full of twists, a definite page turner. Every now and then, the author's style distracted me, and I'd play copy editor, going line by line through paragraphs and sometimes whole pages, smoothing things out, varying sentence structures, deleting the unnecessary. But things that bothered me wouldn't bother many others, so I expect this series to make a huge splash in the world of Christian supernatural fiction
Definitely worth reading--but catch it from Book 1.
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