Monday, April 6, 2015

Conversation With My Unpublished Sequel

Book 2: "So, you gonna finish me or not? Where you been?"

Me: "Oh, hey. Well, um, writing other books."

Book 2: "But you kind of left your readers hanging. Not nice. Admit it. You're avoiding me."

Me: "Well, I tried. My editor's not crazy about you."

Book 2: "I know. Sent me back twice already. She's still open to another pass, though."

Me: "Right. I've rewritten you twice, yanked out all the parts she doesn't like. You're full of holes. Plus, I'm afraid the third pass might be the kill shot."

Book 2: "Tell me about it. To tell you the truth, don't even like me."

Me: "Excuse me?"

Book 2: "Since you asked..."

Me: "Did I ask you?"

Book 2: "You're telling the same story. Boring."

Me: "What? How can you say that? It's from the guy's POV this time, and he's struggling with..wait...hmmm. Yeah, it's the same story. I hadn't thought of it that way."

Book 2: "Your characters grew in the first book. Why let them stagnate with the same type of conflict?"

Me. "I see your point."


Book 2: "Well?"

Me: "Hush, I'm thinking."

Book 2: "'bout time."

Me: "So, maybe satisfy the reader at the get go and launch a new story?"

Book 2:  "Your peeps have grown, and they want to say something different. Of course, you've got to figure out what they want now, and what's going to stand in their way. Raise the stakes."

Me: "Might seriously work. But it's been 2 years since the first book came out. That's death to a sequel, right?"

Book 2: "All the more reason to make me stand gloriously alone."

Me: "What took you so long to speak up?"

Book 2: "Waiting for you to grow as a writer. I think you're ready to kill me now."

Me: "I'm kind of attached to you. Okay, seriously attached to you. Or rather the first version of you. I barely recognize you now."

Book 2: "Thanks for the love, but remember why you're doing this. If you're going to impact your readers, I have to die. I offer you the bones, now flesh me out. Make me live again.

Me: "Hmmm."

Book 2: "Come on, you planted some seeds in Book One that need to sprout, and your secondary characters are wanting some of the spotlight. Lots to work with."

Me: "So. You're saying satisfy the reader's expectations by tying up some lose ends, but continue to grow and develop the characters with a new type of conflict and higher stakes?"

Book 2: "Atta girl. You can do it."

Me: "Thank you. Well, I guess you'll have to die. It's killing me, too."

Book 2: "In a way. My heart's still beating. Just give me new life."

Me: "Rest in peace."

Book 2: "Can't wait to see what happens."

Me: "Me too."

Book 2: "So what are you waiting for? Write!"
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