Friday, April 17, 2015

The God Hater, by Bill Myers

Bill Myers wrote the quintessential novel involving Christian apologetics, wrapped in a compelling plot and peopled with lively characters.
Travis Mackenzie has developed an amazing computer program that tests the different socio-economic philosophies on a tribe of realistic on-screen personalities. The primary of these "people," Alpha, was developed by replicating the personality and the emotional and mental patterns of Travis's dead nephew. Travis brings each system to its ultimate, logical conclusion, which always results in the society's self-destruction. Finally giving up on socio-economic models, he introduces religion in the form of pantheism--for the characters to survive, they must believe in something, right?
But as that model begins leading the society again to destruction, Travis calls upon his nephew's father--his brother, Nicholas, a renowned philosopher and staunch atheist. Nicholas must develop a system that will ensure the survival of the tribe--because if they can design a successful system that will save the computerized community, they can use that system to save the world. Governments and private enterprises are using extraordinary means to steal Travis's work, which puts Nicholas, his only friend, Annie, and her son, Rusty, in constant, nail-biting danger.
When it comes to the reading experience, The God Hater hits on all levels. Heart, mind, and adrenal glands get a workout in this riveting, soul-satisfying novel.
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