Monday, May 25, 2015

Art Writing

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One of my favorite ways to develop my writing chops is to use art. I choose a painting or photograph and let my imagination run wild. 

This exercise was first introduced to me through a workshop presented by a singer/songwriter, Kerry Grombacher.

Kerry Grombacher
He brought an Ansel Adams photograph and instructed us to write using these three criteria: (1) What do you see? (2) What do you know? and (3) What can you imagine?
As a class we created interesting short stories using that formula. 

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One such piece that I did for the Weekly Challenge is titled Tissot Tale. Using Kerry's lesson I wrote about Tissot's Holyday. What did I see? People gathered around a picnic. What did I know about it? The surroundings appear to be in the Fall, given the color of the leaves and the dress of the people. Some of the people seem relaxed and content, others unhappy, or reflective. What could I imagine? Quite alot, actually. The result is here, and is one of my favorite pieces. It won First Place that week and then 3rd place in Best of the Best for the year 2013. Another art/writing experiment here, also did well.

The "what can you imagine?" part of the exercise is limitless. I thought it might be fun to jump in and imagine up some facts about this painting. 
Google Free Images

I'll go first:  I think the little girl holding book is thinking that her boots are too small and her feet hurt.

What do you think?
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