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Book Review - Twisted Linen by CW Cook

Twisted Linen 
CW Cook
September 2014

ISBN 978-1502480538
eBook 2.99
Print 7.14

Chadwick Publishing

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From the Publisher:
For decades Simon LaCroix faithfully served as Special Agent in Charge of Vatican Security, but now he and his wife Grace, want a safer life apart from Rome.
Their bug-out plans are interrupted when a top raking Cardinal summons Simon to the Papal Office and discloses a diabolical threat against the civilized world.
A modern-day cult called the Golden Dawn plans to use the latest in genetic science to usher in a Final World Order, and Cardinal Genovi demands Simon's help
this one last time. But there are deep fractures in the Church, unexpected betrayals, and dark secrets concealed in Grace's past that hold dire consequences.

From the majestic city of Rome to the picturesque city of San Sebastian, Spain, Simon and Grace race against time to expose the conspiracy behind the cult's
insidious agenda. The situation turns deadly when a kidnapping ensnares Simon and Grace in a net of deception, deceit and divided loyalty. And where it all leads . . .
a dark nightmare into the underbelly of the occult with demonic consequences not revealed until the very end.

My review:
I always pick up requests for new books for review with a bit of hesitation. I wish all books would thrill me as much as this debut author.

Cook chose the near dystopian future as his setting for the beginning of the end--the big one, the biblical one, where not even the roaches survive.

Using scriptural references from the Revelation to set up what many scholars and faithful call the Tribulation period, Cook begins his story with murder - first of the operator of a failed mission, second of the newly chosen leader of Israel. Quickly moving right along between what's left of Europe and the Vatican, and Spain, the author introduces us to a prominent Cardinal, the keeper of the mysterious Shroud of Turin of the title, and the La Croixes, husband and wife, who are master thieves, doing anything they can to get away from the misery and find a last paradise on earth.

Mixing conspiracies, old order cults the likes of Dan Brown, but with a contemporary scientific spicy addition, Twisted Linen is not exactly the same-old, same-old story of a once and future bad guy king rising from an assassination to pretend to bring order and reunification before the Last Battle. Readers who enjoy well-detailed, fast-paced life and death stories will enjoy this book. It's a clean read, but not completely free of foul language--just a caveat to those readers of Christian fiction. Also some potentially disturbing violence. Told from multiple viewpoints, there are twists and shocks in each short chapter. This writer has nowhere to go but up.
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