Friday, July 10, 2015

Destitution by Gavin H. Wells: A Book Review

While I enjoy action-packed conspiracy, thriller, and mystery books, the sci-fi genre hasn't captured my attention in the past. If pressed for a reason, I guess I'd say I thought I couldn't identify with the different world--the cultures, language, or anything else the sci-fi writer has to create to make his story engaging. Perhaps it's because I have a hard enough time adjusting to life on this planet without venturing into a new one.

That changed, though, when Destitution by Gavin H. Wells was recommended to me by a friend. I wasn't through the first chapter before I was riveted by the characters and plot. From the very beginning, the storyline emerged as something I hadn't read countless times before, and any fear I had over learning the nuances of a new world were immediately put to rest. Actually, I feel a little silly even admitting that now that I've read a sci-fi book. Of course the author will transition his/her reader into the new world--hopefully, seamlessly. At any rate, that's the way it happened for me. I was drawn to the newness of the world in which Wells' characters reside and found myself drawn into it much the way I would if I were watching a movie.

I learned early on that Wells has written an allegory for the age-old battle between good and evil, but he did so without making it feel reinvented or recycled. An organization known as the Infinites battle for their very existence when plans are put into motion to eliminate the bad things in life (disease, death) by eliminating the Infinites, who hold true to The Story and their notion of Forever. And therein lies the battle.

Information on Amazon reads:

On the technologically advanced planet of Toluv-Eion, Thoma Si-Noms has worked much of her life for the visionary Slygur Tin-Ai, planning to help orchestrate a Revolution that she believes will free the human race in a new way, eliminating all pain, disease, and even death. One large organization— called the “Infinites”—stands in the way, though. To thwart their opposition, Thoma has developed a lethal virus that will selectively eradicate every Infinite from the planet. But after surviving a surprise attack on her life, she awakens to the truth about the nature of both her employer and the Infinites she aimed to destroy. Compelled to switch sides, she now must fight her former and powerful allies to save herself—and all humanity—from a horrific future foretold long ago, one of total DESTITUTION.

I couldn't help but notice a direct correlation between the situation on Toluv-Eion and that of Earth. Civilization in Destitution has become so advanced, so focused on the here and now and giving no thought to life beyond the one they were living, that they'd reached the point of destroying large portions of their population to advance their way of thinking, rather than allow a different viewpoint to exist. Is that the path our planet is on? Will we too someday seek to eliminate all opposing views to that of our government or reigning corporations or groups who are currently in power or gaining power or splashed across the media? Are those of us who believe The Story here on Earth going to face the same fate that Slygur Tin-Ai has planned for the Infinites? Just something to think about.

If you have a chance, pick up a copy of Destitution. It's available on Amazon and I think you'll enjoy it immensely. Happily, two more books in the Infinite Series are planned. I look forward to reading both.

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