Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Creative Brainstorming

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The parent company of our local newspaper is producing a new lifestyle magazine for our city and surrounding areas. The editor of our paper extended an invitation to our writer's group to contribute to the planned quarterly release of Agave. 

I thought writers might be interested in the brainstorming/planning session held at our meeting with the editor of the Fort Stockton Pioneer, Pam Pepper Palileo. 

Pam gave us a handout titled Magazine Proposal with eight points to cover.
1. Choose a theme that you believe will work for you community. (Describe a little bit about your research.) 
2. What would the standing departments be?
3. List 50 potential advertisers.
4. List at least 12 story ideas that begin with a visual.
5. Plan four issues.
6. List three or four freelancers in your area, their specialty and contact information.
7. What are two events that this magazine could sponsor?
8. What other kinds of marketing ideas (including social media) would help this magazine?

We spent a very fast-paced, creative hour brainstorming our plans. At the end of the meeting we had our assignments, and left feeling excited. I'll admit to a little stunned, "deer in the headlights" sensation, but overall really looking forward to participating in this literary effort. Agave, the Sweeter Side of West Texas is conceived, and will be delivered January 2015.

I'm a fiction writer, and although I do use an outline that never stays in its original form, I was impressed by how the structure of this meeting accomplished so much in a short period of time. 

What structure do you use in your writing?
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