Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Do Television and Radio Appearances Help an Author?

Here's a picture of me looking absolutely
 nothing like I did in 1965 when Kenny Rogers
and I appeared on television. Alas, that was our
last appearance together--our only appearance,
 come to think of it. I wish him well and hope
 he's been successful performing without me.

Photo credit: Tracy Ruckman, Publisher
Write Integrity Press
I was recently invited to appear on WATC TV Channel 57's talk show, Atlanta Live, to discuss the release of my novel, Misstep, the first book in my Road's End series being published by Write Integrity Press. I last appeared on television in 1965 on a dance show and my claim to fame that time was that Kenny Rogers and the First Edition (back when he had a First Edition) were the musical talent that day. I got to plaster myself against the wall in a three-foot wide hallway while he and his group walked past me on their way to fame and fortune. Oh, the privilege of stardom!

Although Kenny did not appear on the evening of Friday, August 28th, lots of musical and voice talent did perform adding a beautiful component to an already fantastic evening (for me, at least). This time, my claim to fame was ... well, just me, I guess. Not a big claim, but I'll take what I can get.

I was surprised at the size of the studio, although I shouldn't have been because it has a large viewing audience and is busy every day of the week. The waiting areas were comfortable and beautifully-appointed and the atmosphere was buzzing with the work of lots of behind-the-scenes folks. About an hour before the show the host that evening, Pastor Leroy Doe, called the people who were appearing that night to a conference room and we spent the next 45 minutes getting to know one another. He proved to be a highly-intelligent, devout, patriotic, and funny man. By the time we went on the air (live, no less, but then I guess that's where they get that Atlanta Live thing), I was completely at home. I felt as though he and I were sitting in his living room, chatting about my book, the motivation behind it, why I wrote it the way I did, and its sequels. That might be because the set held two couches, an end table, coffee table, lamps, plants, and other homey touches. In any event, it worked for me.

A few days later, I was privileged to be interviewed for radio by Dottie Coffman of the Dottie Coffman Show on the Victory Television and Radio Network. She is a delight. Before the interview began, we chatted about our childhood memories (hers spent in Washington, D.C. and mine in Michigan), laughed over our combined interests and sighed over the lost opportunities for our children and grandchildren (a common pastime of baby boomers, I'm told). By the time the tape was rolling, I'd forgotten I was being interviewed. I think a good friendship was born that day.

Will my television and radio appearances translate into higher book sales? I don't know; it's too soon to tell. What I do know, though, is that I wouldn't trade the opportunity to meet Pastor Leroy Doe and Jennifer Eichelberger, producer of Atlanta Live, and the rest of the crew of WATC TV, or my new friend Dottie Coffman for anything. Yes, I'd like to think my appearances will somehow send my books rocketing to bestseller status, but that's in God's hands, not mine. I'm content to know I did my best, had a wonderful time doing it, and met some great people.

As far as my burgeoning television career goes, if the past is indicative of my future, my next appearance should be in 2065. Yes, I know you're all worried that I'm overextending myself with all this media exposure, but don't fret. I've decided to retire in 2065 (following my farewell appearance)and take it easy for a long, long, very long time.

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