Friday, October 16, 2015

Fear Is Louder Than Words, by Linda S. Glaz: A Book Review

Love mystery? How about tension? Romance? Great characters? Maybe a plot with enough twists and turns to put a Grand Prix racetrack to shame, all the while crammed with gut-wrenching suspense? And last, but certainly not least, a few tears?

Well, as Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber of Veggie Tales fame always say, "Have we got a show for you!" (And if you don't watch Veggie Tales, you don't know what you're missing.) But back to business. Fear Is Louder Than Words, Linda S. Glaz's latest novel, is scheduled for release on December 1, 2015, just in time for Christmas giving, scaring your favorite person witless, or for no particular reason at all. Just be warned: you won't want to put it down until you've turned the last page.

Ed McGrath, one of Detroit's premier hockey players (and most sought-after bachelor) has lived life in the fast lane--and not just on the ice. His days and nights are spent partying with a different woman every week, giving and receiving bone-crushing, bloody blows during games, and dodging reporters and photographers. When he hears a woman in distress in a parking garage, he goes to her defense, and finds Rochelle Cassidy, a well-known radio personality in the area, bloodied and bruised by a man Ed manages to scare off. From that moment on, neither Ed nor Rochelle are quite the same. Ed struggles with his immediate attraction to Rochelle and desire to protect her. How did that happen? Could he change, and did he even want to change? Rochelle faces a frightening future with a city council member breathing down her neck as a result of damning evidence against him brought to light on her Rochelle's radio show, coupled with continued taunting by her violent stalker who relishes telling her he plans to return someday and finish what Ed McGrath interrupted.

Both Ed and Rochelle carry the scars of their past, and neither one has an easy time coming to grips with the turn their lives have taken. As if a stalker and conniving politician aren't enough to rattle her, Rochelle's decision to showcase the PhD Center for Neonatal and Toddler Development on her radio show further complicates things. Meanwhile Ed feels a gaping hole in his life. Rochelle is a Christian, but he doesn't know how he feels about God--or how God feels about him. Suddenly, life has become not only dangerous, but complicated for both of them.

Glaz's descriptions of the frigid Michigan winters with icy streets, stinging snow, and biting winds are spot-on. I spent the first few decades of my life in mid-Michigan not far from Detroit (a.k.a. the Motor City and Hockey Town), and believe me, she nailed it. I actually shivered during some of her scenes. Her characters are well-rounded and believable--some likable, others detestable--but none are throwaways. The plot is intricately-designed with backstory expertly woven throughout so as not to jar the reader. Glaz handles each aspect of the novel--plot, setting, dialogue, characterization,  tension, and romance--expertly. And finally, there's no need to worry about undue violence, bad language, or gratuitous sex. This author knows how to convey whatever she needs to by using her talent, considerable skills, and respecting her readers with clean language. That's a nice thing in today's marketplace.

I highly recommend Fear Is Louder than Words. You won't be sorry.

Linda, married with three grown children and three grandchildren, is a complete triple-A personality. How else would she find time to write as well as be an agent for Hartline Literary Agency? She loves any and every thing about the written word and loves when families pass stories along through the generations as her mother did with her. She was blessed to have served in the Air Force at a time when it wasn't politically correct thing for a woman to do. After teaching soccer nationally and women's self-defense whenever the need arose, now her greatest thrill is matching clients with publishing houses and hearing their voices when they get "THE CALL". She's an AWSA speaker and presents classes nationwide. She connects with authors through seminars, blogs, and anywhere a group congregates and talks books. She's always looking for fresh voices in fiction, especially in historic romance and suspense.

How about a free copy of Fear Is Louder Than Words from Lighthouse of the Carolinas publishing company? Linda will pre-order a copy and give it away to the lucky winner. Anyone who leaves a comment is entered into the drawing, so be sure to leave a comment and your email address so we can contact you if you win!

Blurb: Fear Is Louder Than Words

Rochelle Cassidy has the perfect life as a radio talk show host in the Detroit market, but her celebrity status doesn't stop an angry listener from wanting her ... dead. Ed McGrath's ideal life as a pro-hockey player doesn't include a damsel in distress until the night he discovers Rochelle being attacked in a deserted parking structure.

Circumstances throw them together in more ways than one when Rochelle's producer plays matchmaker. A sick boy, a corrupt politician, and questionable medical practices put more than merely Rochelle in danger, and still, her attacker shadows her every step.

Will Ed be able to break through her trust issues in order to protect her, or will she continue to see him as Detroit's bad boy athlete? Her life AND his depend on it.

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