Friday, October 23, 2015

Mardan's Mark: a Review

Kathrese McKee wrote a doozy of a YA epic adventure, full of action, danger, and daring.
In Mardan's Mark, Srilani, oldest daughter of the king and trained in all kingly ways, and her sisters and brother, heir to the throne, are captured by the enemy who carry them away by sea. Aboard the ship, they meet Aldan, a slave since youth, and his "brothers," also slaves on board. A hurricane shipwrecks the boat when they are far from home.
When the heroes reach land, they find themselves on enemy shore. Secrets are revealed and lives changed on the perilous journey home.
Kathrese juggled several characters and did an excellent job of it. Each one has a unique personality and--unless they're the bad guys--are highly sympathetic. This was a terrific read, and certainly shouldn't be limited to young adult readers.
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