Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Failure: A Necessary Step Toward Success

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I recently had the privilege of attending the East Texas Christian Writers Conference at my Alma Mater, ETBU. Cecil Murphy taught one of my favorite classes. He graciously gave me permission to share notes from that class here on Author Culture. 

Failure: A Necessary Step Toward Success

Feeling like a failure has little correlation with truly failing.
We Can Learn from Our Failures

1. We need to experience the pain. Take time to mourn. Learn the craft. Most of us don't improve unless we fail. 

2. We need to learn what's important to us. Do you care enough to keep working on the rejected piece? Find your niche and be passionate about it. What could you spend the rest of your life doing? Find one thing and stick with it.

3. We need to face our limitations.

4. We need to experience the grace of God.  He lets us fail so we will cry out to him.

5. We need to think of our early failures in writing as "exercises in learning."

6. We may need to face failure on certain projects so we can lay them aside.

7. We learn understanding and compassion.

8. We learn to look inward and upward. Not succeeding is on of the best ways to look inward. To turn ourselves to God.

9. We learn to move on to detachment. "I am passionately involved in the process and emotionally detached from the results."

Cecil Murphy shared a testimony about a large Writer's Conference (ACFW) where the moderator asked everyone to stand, and then they were seated based on how many rejections they'd received. When the number got above 1000, only Cec and two others remained standing. Those three happened to be the most successful and well known writers in the room. Talk about inspiration!
    Veteran author Cecil (Cec) Murphey has written or co-written more than 135 books, including the New York Times bestseller 90 Minutes in Heaven (with Don Piper) and Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (with Dr. Ben Carson). His books have sold in the millions and have brought hope and encouragement to countless people around the world.                                                                                                                                                                                  Learn more about Cec Murphy at You'll be inspired by his newsletter and writing blog Writer to Writer

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