Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Final Countdown!

In just a few more hours 2015 will officially be history.

You excited? Happy? Sad? Indifferent?

Have you looked at your "Story Ideas" file and lamented over what didn't get written this year? Stared at your mountainous "To Be Read" list and compared it to the miniscule "Actually Read" list? Scolded yourself for all those writers' manuals gathering dust that you thought you'd study?

Never fear! 2016 is almost here! 

I love ushering in the new year. Okay, yes, since I tend to wake up at 4:30 or so, I usually sleep through the ball drop, sky rockets, and firecrackers. But I love the big ol' "do-over" each new year brings to the extent that I start thinking weeks in advance how it will be better because of all the things I resolve I'm going to do or not do. 

Granted, there's something of a Charlie Brown aspect to this optimism. Each time he trusts Lucy to hold the ball . . . well, you know what happens. I always set myself up for the somersault and fall.

But I can't help it. I look forward to the new year like a kid looks forward to Christmas, a teen to the car keys, a bride to her wedding. 

I leafed through my story ideas file, and got excited all over again. There's some great stuff in there! Maybe in 2016, I'll give life to some of those characters. My TBR list? Hey, it's huge, like everyone else's, but what a list! Looking forward to tackling it--and adding to it. The writers' manuals? Well, maybe I'll choke a few down. 

But my primary goal for 2016 is to write, write, write! Take the dare of a short story a week. Finish a couple of WIPs. Scribble out plans for new WIPs.

C'mon, folks! Get excited! We've got a shiny new year coming!

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