Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Review - The King's Dragon

I must admit right off the bat, that I've been in major work-mode lately, and my reading has fallen by the wayside. However, in recent days, my work load significantly lightened up, and I was finally able to take a bit of time to do some fun-reading (rather than the research reading I've been up to as of late.)

I also rarely read novels based off of TV series I watch. I do read series that sparked movies and TV shows, but not the other way around. Just one of those weird rules of mine.

But a few months ago, one of my friends raved about a Doctor Who book by Uma McCormack. I'm a Doctor Who fan (yes, I'm a geek--why else would I write books featuring a superhuman main character?) and my friend said that this writer had done a brilliant job at characterization of the Doctor and his companions. Okay, I'm sold.

Sadly, my library didn't have that book. But they did have The King's Dragon by the same author. At right about 250 pages, this definitely fit my need for a quick, light read.

The story is pretty much typical Doctor Who-type fare: the Doctor and his companions arrive on an alien planet and find something amiss, in this case, a magical metal called Enamour on a pre-industrial planet, and a king with a dragon made of the stuff. The Doctor knows it shouldn't be there, and when two bands of aliens show up to reclaim what may or may not be theirs, a Doctor-kind of chaos ensues.

As a light-read, this was perfect. It was brilliantly paced, cleverly written, and the characterizations nearly spot-on for the characters I've grown to love over the last few years. I had no problem picturing this alien planet or its people, and for the characters I knew, their voices and facial expressions came through clearly in my head. It is British, being that Doctor Who is a BBC-produced show, so the spelling and the punctuation took a bit of getting used to (they use single quotes the way we use double quotes, and vice-versa. But I've dealt with that before when reading Ian Fleming's work.)

If you're in to Doctor Who as well, and haven't taken the plunge into the literary world of the Doctor, this would be a good one to start with, especially if you're a fan of the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond.

The King's Dragon is $8.94 for Kindle, $4.85 for paperback.


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