Monday, January 4, 2016

Post-New Year's Motivation

A bumper sticker I picked up at the Air Museum in Seattle, WA.
I keep it under the glass top on my desk for a reminder when I need it.
The above is one of my all-time favorite quotes. It was made famous in the 1995 movie, "Apollo 13" starring Ed Harris as Gene Kranz. In the scene, Mr. Kranz is motivating his engineers how to get the Apollo 13 astronauts from the moon back to earth after their service module had a mission-ending explosion. The engineers weren't sure they could come through, but as Kranz says, Failure is not an option. He wanted those astronauts back--and alive.

There's a John Wayne quote I love as well:
 What do both of these have to do with writing?

A lot, at least in my mind.

At this time of year, humans tend to like to set new goals, new resolutions. Unfortunately, most resolutions are abandoned within a few weeks. Very few are likely to be accomplished, but those who manage to accomplish their goals are very dedicated and motivated.

The new year is a great time to sit down and consider your goals in your writing career and decide to reach for the stars. Or maybe to shoot for orbiting the Earth.

But you still have to be as dedicated as the engineers during the Apollo 13 mission. Failure is not an option. And even though it may be distressing and scary at times to push through for your goals, you still need to saddle up anyway.

So which is it going to be for you this year? For me, I'm going to saddle up, and vow not to fail.
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