Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Grit to Great

Hey, writers. How are those 2016 goals coming? I recently ran across this book and it's a quick read. It's just what I needed to add to a recent study we did at church called The Beauty of Imagination. Having a vision is one thing, but doing the work is another. So I was happy to get a boost in the seat from this book.

It begins with some quotes I'd heard before, but applied to this theme were powerful. "They keep inventing new ways to celebrate mediocrity." The Incredibles, and "You're not special..." David McCllough Jr. to the Class of 2012 graduates of Wellesley High School. The authors highlight the fact that "the whole self-esteem movement has been a flop, undermining the natural grit that this nation of immigrants brought with them in building a new life in a new land."

Declaring that failure is how we learn, Thaler and Koval define the four ingredients of grit.

G = Guts
R = Resilience
I = Initiative
T= Tenacity 

The book is full of personal interest stories of people who succeeded against the odd with varying levels of grit. The book attempt to answer the question, "Why is it that some people have the grit and determination to succeed against all odds, while others do not? Research shows it's not about having nothing to lose; rather, it's about believe there is much to gain. In other words, grit speaks to our capacity for hope..."

Each chapter ends with a section called Grit Builders, little assignments to help build grit. I enjoyed it and recommend it for anyone needing an inspirational kick in the rear. 

Do you know someone who embodies the idea of grit?
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  1. Thanks, Jody. We all need a kick once in a while, yes? I'm actually starting out on task with my hopes to write two sequels for a mystery series this year. At least one, anyway. The people I admire for grit include Linda Yezak, who's just going out and claiming another book, and Nike Chillemi for the same thing. Sometimes, you do everything "right" and you still have to rise above circumstances, but not in a lazy way. Both those ladies embody guts to do what it takes, the resilience to think long course, the initiative to learn how to get their work out there the proper way, and the tenacity to make it happen.

    1. Wow, Lisa, I appreciate your comment! I think both you and Jody are pretty amazing too. (BTW: I'm still excited for Jody for winning the 2015 ETBU Writers Contest grand prize!)

  2. Love GRIT! That's great! Of course, GRITS means "Girls Raised In The South," so both are relevant to me. :D

    1. I love that. How'd this southern girl grow up without hearing that? lol And thanks for the above comment!