Wednesday, February 10, 2016


"If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing, then the desire must be not to write." ~ Hugh Prather

Are you a writer, or are you someone who talks writing? Do you attend conferences to rub shoulders with writers and talk the game or are you there to network in hopes of promoting and selling something you have already written or at least started? 

It is easy to talk the talk without walking the walk, or should I say writing on the page? Over the years I've known writers who, after being rejected, picked up their pencils and went home. They were done. Finished. I know other writers who simply cannot take constructive criticism from their critique group. They even argue with agents, editors, and publishers, resulting in rejections. And yet they remain in writer's circles talking instead of writing. 

Rejections and critiques are not the writer's enemies. Quite the opposite. They are the gym where the writer grows stronger. Avoiding the computer, or putting pen to paper is the true enemy. 

If you are discouraged with your writing, or have fallen off the writing saddle I encourage you to get back on and return to the writing habit. Write a paragraph every day about something you've observed. Perhaps a news story, a commercial, a conversation you overheard while in line at the grocery store, or a comical antic by your pet stirred a thought or emotion. Write about it. Also, enter writing contests. Even if you don't win, you will have written. Another plus is you will have the bones for publishable work.

There is only one guarantee in writing: If you don't write, you won't be published. So don't be a quitter, or a talker. Be a writer!


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