Friday, March 18, 2016

Book Review: Storming, by K.M. Weiland

Uh-oh, punkers, steam isn't the power-source anymore. Make room for diesel!

Have you ever had a reading experience in which you could just tell the author had a blast writing it for you? Where, when you put the book down for the night, you can hear her giggling in the back of your mind?

"Just wait till you see what comes next!" she whispers.

Katie Weiland's Storming is that kind of book.

I can just picture her at the keyboard, rubbing her hands together: "Ha-ha-ha! They'll never see this coming!"

This dieselpunk starts out with a sweet, quiet night flight in a biplane we'll come to know affectionately as "Jenny," when all of a sudden--Boom!--someone falls from the air, barely missing our hero and his plane. Arms flailing, gown ablaze, a woman falls from the sky to the earth below.

Now, wait a minute. We're alone in the sky with our hero, Hitch Hitchcock and his pup Taos. How can someone fall from above us?

Katie's imagination went sky-high in this fantasy adventure, and she's got the talent to take us right along with it. Every single book she writes is better than the last, and this one has flown above and beyond all the rest.

Good job, Katie!

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