Monday, March 14, 2016

Quantum Leaps
Gloria Mayfield Banks is an Elite National Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, and a popular life coach and trainer. Her inspiring story of overcoming dyslexia to become a million dollar sales director and inspirational speaker culminates in her book, Quantum Leaps. 

Her 10 steps to help you soar are spot on for writers, really anyone with goals and dreams. I enjoyed translating these points into my writing journey today.

1. Make a decision, a strong decision. (If I say I'm a writer or want to be a writer, and I'm not, um, writing, then I haven't made a strong decision.)

2. Have confidence. (What I have to offer is just as important as anyone else. I have a gift to share, and why shouldn't I be confident to share it?)

3. Have vision, imagination, and belief. (Do I still have a vision of where I'm going with my writing? Have discouragement, rejection, mistakes, pain, and/or failure killed my vision?)

4. Develop these four skills: Time management, money management, emotional management, and skill management. (I could improve in all these areas, especially honing my writing skills. I should keep seeking education and practice, practice, practice.)

5. Goal setting -  not too small and not too big.  (Am I specific enough with my daily word count, manuscript completion, and proposal target?)

6. Image - we have seven seconds to make a first impression. (That proposal and query letter I'm working on are my first impression.)

7. Have passion, passion with a purpose. This can be developed if we remember WHY we are doing what we're doing. (I need to review my mission statement and let it fuel my passion.)

8. Develop discipline and hustle. This will come as we develop and walk in passion. (Yep, get up and write every day with a goal and a purpose.)

9. Develop people skills and leadership skills. (This makes me think of my social media presence, connecting with readers, and marketing. Improvement is always needed there.)

10. Give a short term sacrifice for long term success. (What do I need to do for a little while that will get me where I need to be?)

 I hope there was some nugget of inspiration for you in this. Have a great day!
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