Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Jesus Diet: A Book Review

When I first saw this book, I immediately thought it would regale me with the food Jesus ate--things like bread, wheat from the stalk, fish, bread, well water, wine--and wondered how someone managed to make a weight loss program out of the few items we knew for sure that Jesus consumed. Upon closer inspection, though, I noticed it was a devotional book, and it started to make sense.

After reading The Jesus Diet, though, it made complete sense. Robin Merrill, a freelance writer who specializes in Christian projects, struggled with overeating tendencies for years before she "nailed her fat to the cross" one day. Her decision to include Jesus in every facet of her weight loss journey resulted in this book, a sensitive and compassionate guide to losing weight with the Holy Spirit alongside us every step of the way, and a 50-pound weight loss. She reminds us that it isn't what we eat (for all food is created by God and suitable for consumption), but why we eat it. We are to use food, not be mastered by it.

Merrill leads the reader through her own struggles with humor and transparency, assuring us that Jesus is with us all the time, not just when we're eating what we're supposed to be eating, when we're supposed to eat it, and for the right reasons. We all stumble, and Merrill was no exception. She outlines what worked (and continues to work) for her and gives us the tools to start losing weight in ways that will glorify Jesus and bring success to us.

The Jesus Diet is short (the eBook is 67 pages long). It may not appeal to all dieters, particularly those who are not Christians, but it certainly encouraged me to stop "going it all alone" and open my eyes to the Holy Spirit Who resides within this body of mine--a body that houses God Himself and should reflect his glory.

I found The Jesus Diet on Amazon ( and noticed Merrill has written another book continuing her journey. That book, More Jesus Diet: More of God, Less of Me, Literally, is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble ( I haven't read the second one yet, but you can bet I will.

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