Friday, May 13, 2016

20,000 Days and Counting


Have you every counted up how many days you've lived on this earth? That's just what Robert D. Smith did on his 54th birthday, and immediately took a two-day sabbatical to plan out the rest of his life. This book appealed to me because I'm in the frame of mind to do just that. This short but powerful book is the result of Smith's journey to live out the rest of his days with purpose.

Robert D. Smith has overseen the career of New York Times best-selling author Andy Andrews for more than three decades. He has also served as a private consultant to numerous best-selling authors, speakers, entertainers, and organizations, educating them on the methods he has employed throughout his career.

In a world with an over-abundance of self-help books, this offering is a crash course, but simple, meaningful and totally doable. He expounds on the following principles:

  • Motivation is a myth
  • You only have two choices, yes and no
  • How to conquer rejection forever
  • How BECOMING the problem will SOLVE all your problems
  • Three sentences that will change your life immediately
I found the idea that coming to terms with one's imminent death is a gift and an infusion of purpose. It is not scary, but a joyful journey toward making every day count.  Learn why you should eat dessert first, and give everyone you know a standing ovation.

This book is highly recommended from someone who has lived 21,664 days...and counting. How many days have you been gifted with, and do you have a plan for what remains?

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