Monday, June 20, 2016

Guest Post: Top Ten Tips from Children's Author K Wendt

Meet K Wendt
Our public library recently had a Day of K! Children's Indie Author, K Wendt, started the day off with a luncheon hosted by our local writer's group. She told about her publishing process, goals and dreams. She held a book signing for her children's books and poetry book for women that afternoon, and then ended the day as special guest at the Summer Reading Program. She read her books Susie, and Washed Away,which the children thoroughly enjoyed.


Miss K shared her top 10 tips for Indie authors:

  1. Do your research to thoroughly determine if you can publish on your own or if you need to go through a publishing company that helps self-published author.
  2. Thoroughly research any company before signing up with them.
  3. Create small groups of Beta readers (no more than five) and take into account all suggestions given to you. 
  4. .Don’t rush putting the book together!!!  
  5.  Market! Market! Market! You ARE your own product!!!!
  6.  Pay attention to words that can “brand” you or limit your audience.
  7. Write what your heart and mind want you to say-never force it.
  8. Don’t’ be afraid of editing!
  9. Always talk to other authors to gain more knowledge of your field and marketing.
  10. Always surround yourself with an amazing support system-they will come in handy! 
Have any questions for K?

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