Wednesday, August 17, 2016

An Ode to Beta Readers

My brain is totally fried this week. As a homeschooling mom, that is probably to be expected. So when I saw I was up on the AuthorCulture schedule this week, my mind totally went blank. Because I actually haven't written anything in like a week! (Which is not good!)

But then one of my beta readers sent her notes back to me yesterday. And mulling it over, I decided we could all use an Ode to Beta Readers. Because, again, my brain is fried, and my kids love Despicable Me, and I can't get Agnes' Ode to Mothers deal out of my head. :D

She fixes my boo-boos,
She knows they're, their, there,
We love you beta readers,

Okay, I know it's totally lame--again, brain dead! But can you come up with something better? No prize, just a hat-tip (though if it's really good, I'll post it in my next scheduled slot!) Post in the comments. :)
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