Monday, August 15, 2016

Copyrights and Editors and Mechanics articles for writers

Because this kind of information never goes out of style and is always necessary, here are some great resources I find so useful and continually share with new authors. 

Note: all of this is right on my website, under the Editing and Publishing tab.

Two great resources will help you regarding appropriate grammar/punctuation, and what Industry Standard means for manuscript preparation:

Save a life! Learn how to use commas correctly. Please. For the love of writing. Read this article from Grammarly often. I'm serious.

Here's a great article I recommend you read about editing and editing services in general:

And one about author/editor relationships:

Your Copyright: Information in general on copyright found here: US Copyright Office. Registering your own copyright is up to you. It is not necessary unless you think you might be involved in litigation at some point, or you simply want your material on public record and to have a physical certificate. You can register online for considerable less expense than paper forms. Registration can be found here - online, or the paper form for literary material and current fees. Paying someone else to do this for you should be done at your own risk. 

This article explains using and finding permission for using song lyrics in your work:

These articles talk about copyright infringement and fair use 

This article is the latest on record from the US Copyright Office.:
This article talks about Publisher's Cataloging-in-Publication information - the cataloging vocabulary often found on publisher's pages. In the article are other links. 

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