Friday, November 4, 2016

The Four Horseman: A Book Review

Andie Sullivan is the world's only "culturalist." She speaks multiple languages fluently and has memorized information on every culture in the world. She is, in fact, "the most interesting woman in the world," although I have no idea what beer she drinks. 

She credits this deep well knowledge to her parents who dragged her to remote places all over the world where she learned not only languages, but traditions, taboos, and societal norms of even the most remote tribes. Armed with this vast knowledge, Andie smooths the way for her clients by cutting through cultural differences and negotiating sensitive business deals. She is sought after by business tycoons, celebrities, heads of state, and she has her choice of assignments. But finding the legendary (and some would say mythical) Four Horsemen of the book of Revelation in the Bible is by far the most action-packed and dangerous assignment she's had. 

This is the first book by Ben Sussman I've read, but I'd be interested in reading more. His style is fast-paced, and his characters well-drawn, although each a bit stronger, smarter, knowledgable, or evil than your run-of-the-mill character. The locations are, as you'd expect in an international thriller, exotic and rarely visited by anyone other than the characters, but perhaps that's just as well. I'd rather read about them than visit in person. The plot seemed a bit complicated to me, but with as many people after the Four Horsemen as there were in this book, I suppose complicated was to be expected.  Still, I found myself flipping back through it to refresh my memory as to who was doing what--and why. 

I would recommend The Four Horsemen to both secular and Christian readers. I found it on Amazon, but I'm sure it's probably available on other book websites. 

THE FOUR HORSEMEN is a race-against-the-clock thriller featuring Andie Sullivan. As the world’s only “culturalist,” Andie is employed by corporations and wealthy individuals to break through the barriers with any culture around the globe. Now, she faces the most challenging and dangerous assignment of her career.  

Hired by a ruthless businessman to infiltrate the mysterious tribe who serve as the protectors of the Four Horsemen’s ancient secret, Andie is plunged into a mysterious world where every answer only opens the door to more questions. With a shadowy government force and a brutal terrorist also vying for the Horsemen’s unfathomable power, Andie and her makeshift team must collect them all and unlock their mysteries before time runs out. 

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