Tuesday, December 27, 2016


My daughter-in-love, Bea, made an observation Christmas evening and I can't quit thinking about what she said. On Christmas eve she and the family watched It's A Wonderful Life. Bea had watched this movie as a child, but after watching it as an adult it had a powerful impact on her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she told me how the movie had inspired her.

It's a Wonderful Life premiered in 1946 and was nominated as Best Picture at the Academy Awards along with four other movies. It lost out to The Best Years of Our Lives. Huh? Never heard of that movie. Of course, I wasn't born until 1955. And yet I have a copy of It's a Wonderful Life and I watch it a couple of times a year.

After listening to Bea share the lessons the movie instilled in her, my mind went another direction. The 'write' direction. Even though Wonderful Life didn't take the top award, the content of the movie is full of life principles and has inspired audiences for years. Best Years won the coveted award but faded in away in Hollywood's film archives.

We all want the coveted award, whatever we deem it to be. However, if we write something so powerful that it impacts audiences throughout the decades, isn't that better? I think so. My daughter-in-love would also concur.

My thoughts are these: if we win that award then AMEN and PRAISE GOD.  But, if we do not win the award, the recognition, the place on the list and yet impact reader's lives, then we truly are the winners. We can have the flash of fame or the flame of steady inspiration. If given the choice, I choose the flame.
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