Saturday, December 17, 2016

THE GRACE IMPACT by Nancy Kay Grace

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Chapter after chapter, verse after verse, the Bible shows a loving heavenly Father lavishing His grace on us through His Son. In her book, The Grace Impact, author Nancy Kay Grace gives us a closer glimpse of God’s character. In all things at all times, His grace covers every detail of life, not just the good things, but the difficult, sad, and complicated things. That knowledge can give us the ability to walk confidently through life knowing our heavenly Father is with us every step of the way.

Review: In these current turbulent times we all need reminding of the all-encompassing love of God. This 30-day devotional help us to reflect on God's grace, his love for us, and also provides guided questions for us to meditate on and pray about. The book is divided into four sections: 

  • Section one is about the grace found in God and how he reveals himself
  • Section two tells of grace's potential
  • Section three speaks of the sustaining power of grace in times of trial. Nancy has intimate knowledge of this. 
  • Section four encourages us to share our grace with others.

Grace's book is a light in the darkness of troubled times and I highly recommend it.

Nancy Kay Grace is captivated by God’s grace and loves to share about embracing it in everyday life. She has contributed stories to several anthologies and published magazine articles. Nancy is married to her best friend, Rick, who is a senior pastor in northwest Arkansas. They have served the Lord for more than forty years, seeing His grace at work in many countries. Now they enjoy the stage of life with two married children and an increasing number of grandchildren.
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