Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Understory by Lisa J. Lickel


Three things you need in order to read this book.

1. A really warm blanket, because this book takes place in a Wisconsin winter, and trust me, you'll feel it. Hot cocoa might help, as well.

2. A seat belt, because you are in for a wild, edge of your seat ride.

3. A box of tissues, not just for the tender spots in the story, but because you'll be sad you can't invite Lily, Kenny, Cam, Sven, and Ole over for Christmas dinner. Bummer.

The cover of this book says Every story is a layer of trust and lies... That perfectly describes the plot of this story. Unscrupulous family members tied up in a human trafficking ring cause problems that lead to a kidnapping and attempted murder. Lily cannot trust her stepfather or her brother, and her sister cannot be trusted to mother Lily's nephew, Kenny. Can she trust Cam?

Cam recovers from a stint in the Middle East as a medic, the tragic death of a loved one, and a false accusation by a college coed. He does not need to find a nearly frozen lump of flesh in a pile of snow on his property. Especially not a woman in trouble. Who is this woman, and why won't she explain herself to Cam? She won't even tell him her name, so he has to make one up.

Colorful and quirky characters find their way into this mystery, and into the heart of the reader.The multi-layered plot challenges the reader to look on the inside, rather than judge the outside of a person or situation.  Highly recommended.

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