Monday, January 16, 2017

Plotting the Course for the Year

Seriously, epic plans are bound to fail, but we have to start somewhere, right?
My mantra: Stay Flexible!

The first time I set author goals a few years ago, they were simple:
·         Make 10% more income each year – check, 2014, 2015 – (buzzer) nix 2016
·         Be asked to write something for a publisher – check, 2014
·         Get a contract for fiction on spec – check, 2013, 2014
·         Be on the Amazon bestseller list – check, 2013, 2014
·         Write something that will be featured in Christian Book Distributers – maybe it will happen with my new publisher in 2017

That final one on the list was my last authorial goal – get into CBD. If you’re detecting a pattern, you’re good! In 2015 I took on a private writing project which I thought came out pretty well, and the family was pleased. But it was a private project which didn’t leave time for my personal writing and I fell out of the habit. I didn’t have any other public publications that year, and although I had three releases in 2016, the sales were dreadful. Embarrassing. Even with my promotional practice of “being” somewhere featured on social media and in person at least monthly. It’s a ploy that worked well in the past, so I’m not sure what happened.

Last year I was very lax with my goals to write the two sequels to a mystery series I took back from the publisher, and l let my dedicated writing accountability partner down, besides myself. I took on another private family writing project for which I am being well compensated, and it does leave time for my personal writing, but I also allowed my momentum to crash and burn. Part of it was health struggles, a huge disappointment in my local writing club, personal setbacks in writing recognition, and looking at a huge life change coming up this year.

I am trying again in 2017. I know some of my personal and professional goals. The rest are flexible. How about you? What type of goals do you aim for?

Here are mine for 2017:
·         Get The Writer’s View on a stable track, or shut it down gracefully
·         Make 10% more income (well, I'll keep trying, anyway)
·         Launch my next release, Centrifugal Force, my 24th book, with a good start this fall
·         Do a good job with Novel-in-Progress Bookcamp in May
·         Pack up my house this summer for a move across the state
·         Finish the private family project
·         Finish the novella I’ve been asked to write for a new series launching in 2018
·         Work on the sequels to the mystery series I wanted to write in 2016

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  1. Sounds like a good, do-able to-do list. "Pack up the house for a move across the state" is on my list for 2019, I think. It was supposed to be on this year's list. Don't envy you, don't look forward to it.

  2. Lisa, thanks for being so candid! That makes me feel better about my own goals (or lack thereof), and to keep trying even with setbacks that happen time and again. We're planning a move too, but we're not sure where we're going, so that adds an additional layer of stress to things. Great post!