Monday, January 16, 2017

Plotting the Course for the Year

Seriously, epic plans are bound to fail, but we have to start somewhere, right?
My mantra: Stay Flexible!

The first time I set author goals a few years ago, they were simple:
·         Make 10% more income each year – check, 2014, 2015 – (buzzer) nix 2016
·         Be asked to write something for a publisher – check, 2014
·         Get a contract for fiction on spec – check, 2013, 2014
·         Be on the Amazon bestseller list – check, 2013, 2014
·         Write something that will be featured in Christian Book Distributers – maybe it will happen with my new publisher in 2017

That final one on the list was my last authorial goal – get into CBD. If you’re detecting a pattern, you’re good! In 2015 I took on a private writing project which I thought came out pretty well, and the family was pleased. But it was a private project which didn’t leave time for my personal writing and I fell out of the habit. I didn’t have any other public publications that year, and although I had three releases in 2016, the sales were dreadful. Embarrassing. Even with my promotional practice of “being” somewhere featured on social media and in person at least monthly. It’s a ploy that worked well in the past, so I’m not sure what happened.

Last year I was very lax with my goals to write the two sequels to a mystery series I took back from the publisher, and l let my dedicated writing accountability partner down, besides myself. I took on another private family writing project for which I am being well compensated, and it does leave time for my personal writing, but I also allowed my momentum to crash and burn. Part of it was health struggles, a huge disappointment in my local writing club, personal setbacks in writing recognition, and looking at a huge life change coming up this year.

I am trying again in 2017. I know some of my personal and professional goals. The rest are flexible. How about you? What type of goals do you aim for?

Here are mine for 2017:
·         Get The Writer’s View on a stable track, or shut it down gracefully
·         Make 10% more income (well, I'll keep trying, anyway)
·         Launch my next release, Centrifugal Force, my 24th book, with a good start this fall
·         Do a good job with Novel-in-Progress Bookcamp in May
·         Pack up my house this summer for a move across the state
·         Finish the private family project
·         Finish the novella I’ve been asked to write for a new series launching in 2018
·         Work on the sequels to the mystery series I wanted to write in 2016

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