Friday, January 13, 2017

The Red Door Inn - Book Review

You only have to say "Prince Edward Island" to get my undivided attention, so when I saw The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson, I had to pick it up and read it. I'm glad I did. It's Book 1 in the Prince Edward Island Dreams series.

Marie Carrington is running from a devastating betrayal. She heads for the seclusion of the island, with only a handful of change in her pocket. Widow Jack Sloane pursues renovating an island B&B the way his late wife wanted, but is clueless about colors and furniture. He offers Marie a job for the duration of the renovation. Jack's nephew Seth, still reeling from his own heartache, but hiding from his pain by helping his uncle, does not trust Marie. Tensions run high as Marie tries to do her best to do a good job for Jack, despite Seth's obvious disdain.

Marie and Seth begin to peel back the layers of their pain and find a way to work together as the budget dwindles and the opening day looms. The beautiful island descriptions, the colorful characters in the town, and the developing romance made this a sweet read. I really enjoyed it.

I'm adding this and the sequel, Where Two Hearts Meet, to my list of PEI reading. I get to check a visit to the island off my bucket list this fall, and I'm even more excited after reading The Red Door Inn. Highly recommended.

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