Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Three Questions

James Tissot - Holyday - Google Free Images
Our critique group participated in a workshop called Using Art in Prose. The presenter showed us an Ansel Adams painting and asked three questions: 1. What do you see? 2. What do you know? and 3. What can you imagine?
Participants wrote a few paragraphs, answering those questions, in the form of fiction. The exercise is one I use often. I love to create a story using paintings.

James Tissot (Oct. 15, 1836 - August 8, 1902) most famous for his biblical paintings, is the creator of the painting shown called Holyday. It's obvious that a Victorian era picnic is happening. I can see tea, cakes, and the pond. I know that it's Fall because of the color of the leaves, and the clothing of the people in the painting indicate the weather might be chilly. If you're interested in what I imagined, click here. 

This exercise is a great one for writing practice. Who's up for imagining a story premise around this painting?

James Tissot - The Letter - Google Free Images

 Can't wait to see what you come up with.
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