Friday, March 31, 2017

The Light: A Book Review

I admit it. I have a soft spot for novels that explore disasters and the way human beings behave following a cataclysmic event. (Not very well, as if often turns out.) If anyone checked the book list on my iPhone's Kindle app or my Nook, they'd find a good number of conspiracy, thriller, and apocalyptic books scattered among my online Bibles and both non-fiction and fiction Christian titles. It might be that I enjoy reading works I know I couldn't write, but deep down, I think I just enjoy the drama.

Happily, my need for disaster stories led me to The Light by Jacqueline Brown, and I'm glad it did. It tells the story of four college students--Bria, Josh, Blaise, and Sara--and is told from Bria's first person POV. On their way to warmer climates over their college's Thanksgiving break, their trip is cut short one night by "the light," which turns out to be an EMP. The country is under attack. Of course they have no way of knowing this until they're joined by two others, Jonah and his sister East, also stranded along the road, who suspect the worst. Their cars, iPhones, tablets, watches, and all lights are rendered useless. Stranded, helpless, and without any way to summon help, the six of them join forces and begin the grueling trek to Jonah's and East's home. Once there, Bria discovers these people know more about her, her dead mother, and her strangely aloof father back in Washington, D.C., than she knows herself.

Brown does a commendable job of combining the horrors of an attack on our country, the pain of being separated from loved ones during a disaster, a host of problems caused by the country being thrust back into the 1800s in an instant, a sweet love story, strong Christian values demonstrated by Jonah's and East's family, and a simmering rage felt by both Jonah and his family against a murderous neighbor into one exciting, fast-paced thriller. I heartily recommend The Light to anyone who loves an adventurous, well-written book.

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