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10 Books Every Christian Should Read guest post

Top 10 Books Every Christian Should Read
By Jim Baton, Christian thriller writer

Every novelist is inevitably a reader first. I confess that I’d rather spend a holiday reading a good book than doing hardly anything.

Over the years, so many books have greatly impacted my life. But there are certain books that were absolutely transformational—they either brought the most important things into crystal clear focus, or took me to a new place with God where I desperately needed to go.

These books may not get the notoriety of Christianity Today’s or Amazon’s Top 100 Lists, but I guarantee they will all rock your world!

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1)      How Jesus Saves the World from Us by Morgan Guyton
The Pharisees had the Scriptures but had created a religious culture that kept the common folks from God—have we done the same today? This book is ripping me up right now!
2)      Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle
Los Angeles gang members’ hearts get melted by the raw love of God—I cried through the whole book.
3)      The Seven Mountain Renaissance by Johnny Enlow
A prophetic, insightful and hopeful view of the glorious Bride God is forming us into and how this maturing Church will be powerfully impacting all aspects of culture by 2050.
4)      Speakingof Jesus by Carl Medearis
Whether talking to a Hezbollah terrorist or a gay activist, Carl convinces us that Jesus would rather hang out with them than visit Carl’s church!
“Jesus is perfect theology,” Bill states, then gives us a “mind-makeover” to step into a supernatural life with Him.
6)      Praying for Strangers by River Jordan
What if every day we took time to stop and pray for a stranger? River Jordan did, and it changed her life.
7)      Come be My Light by Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa’s personal letters and thoughts reveal long struggles in the darkness, along with a determination to see Jesus in the face of the dying and “offer Jesus my smile.”
8)      Culture of Honor by Danny Silk
A revolutionary book on moving from punishment-based discipline to honor-based relationships without fear.
9)      Falling Upward by Richard Rohr
For those over 30, the second-half of life requires a new way of thinking, and Rohr is a brilliant guide.
10)   Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning
Walking through darkness, taking risks, releasing our need for clarity—all these require deeper levels of trust—not in Biblical principles, but in a faithful Father who is completely trustworthy.

Jim Baton’s 20 years of cross-cultural learning in a Muslim nation have birthed a series of novels that are transforming people’s perceptions on Muslims and how God would have us relate to them in love. Find out more at

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