Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Here It Comes!

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Here it comes. Another brand new year. Many of us turn out thoughts to our writing goals and plans.  I know that we you don't plan, we plan to fail. But I sometimes plan myself into an unrealistic corner. This year I intend to keep it simple.

1. Just write. I'm choosing a dedicated time to have seat in the chair and hands on the keys. Treat that time as sacred, a commitment, and just do it.

2. Read. I will read, read, read in my genre and also read books that teach and train writers.

3. Promote. I plan to really get the hang of social media marketing this year. I know my way around Facebook now, but barely poke my head into the other pathways. I have accounts with Instagram, SnapChat, and Goodreads. I intend to make myself more knowledgeable in those areas. Also, I purpose to be a more faithful blogger.

4. My why. I'm determined to remind myself every day why I'm doing the above three things. My ultimate goal is to encourage and inspire others. If I keep that in mind, it will give meaning to the other goals when the going gets tough.

How'd your 2017 writing year go, and what are you plans for 2018?
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