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Writing Life~Your Stories Matter is a guide to sharing your life stories through creative nonfiction writing. Using engaging examples and hands-on exercises, Linda Apple teaches how to write what you know and make the mundane come to life through observation, humor and detail. Covering all types of writing, from books and blogs to cookbooks and devotionals, Apple will inspire you to write your story in whatever form you are comfortable. Why? Because your stories matter! 

For the serious writer it is no longer enough to sit at the keyboard and create. Editors and agents want clients who are highly visible and motivated to promote and sell their work. The best way to accomplish this is by public speaking. The problem? Most of us would rather take a beating than speak into a microphone.

In Connect! A Simple Guide to Public Speaking, LInda takes you step-by-step to becoming a confident and effective speaker.
In this book you will:
  • Discover ways to find topics
  • Learn how to write and present a speech
  • Develop your speaking style
  • Receive tips and tricks for before, during, and after your speech.

Linda speaks to women’s and writer’s groups, retreats, and conferences. Let her help you lose your fear of the microphone and Connect with your audience!

Walter "Boots" Mayberry endured in the German POW camps would test the limits of any man. Shot down over enemy ground, he was captured and held as a prisoner of war. 

On Washington Avenue in Moonlight, Mississippi, four friends, single and fifty-something, find themselves in the age-old conundrum—They're too old to be young, but way too young to be old. All of them are ready for another chance at love. But when that chance comes to each of them, it brings startling surprises and secrets that threaten their hopes. Thank goodness they have each other!

Writing From Your Soul is more than a guide. It is an inspirational tool for everyone who wants to make a worthwhile difference in the lives of their readers. In this book you will learn the POV of inspirational writing, using the Creative Nonfiction style of writing, finding your story as well as encouragement for growth as writers. 

Avalee Preston tries to silence the demons from her past and takes chance at love with Ty Jackson, a man twelve years her junior and the brother to her long-dead fiance.

As if she needs another complication in her life, his parents resent her, and he has grown children. Is love really enough for them to build a life together or is she confusing it with a fairy tale? Just what is love anyway? Maybe love was never intended for her after all. Ty deserves better.

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