Books by Lisa Lickel

The Buried Treasure cozy mystery series, MuseItUp Publishing, 2011-2013:
  The Last Bequest, 2012 (The Gold Standard, Barbour publishing, 2009)
  The Newspaper Code, 2013

Meander Scar, Black Lyon Publishing, 2010 - Grace Award for excellence in faith-based fiction, 2011

A Summer in Oakville, Black Lyon Publishing, 2011

Lavender Dreams, an anthology to raise money for cancer studies, MuseItUp Publishing, 2011

Healing Grace: a novel, MuseItUp Publishing, 2013

The Potawatomi Boy, a First Children of Farmington book for early readers, 2013
The German Girl
The Yankee Boy
The French Girl
The Saxon Boy
The Irish Girl

Brave New Century, with Paula Mowery, Kathleen Rouser, and Teena Stewart, Prism Book Group, 2013

The Last Detail, Prism Book Group, 2014

Everything About You, novella, Prism Book Group, 2016

Innocents Pray, Fox Ridge Publishing, 2016

UnderStory, Prism Book Group, 2016

Centrifugal Force, MuseItUp Publishing 2017

A Wisconsin Harvest, vol. II, anthology of Wisconsin writings, Gangster's Ghostcapade, radio play, WWA Press, 2013

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